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The Christian Utopian Lifestyle

I have been imagining this wonderful Christian Utopian Lifestyle for many years and when I think that if every person on Earth would do what the Bible says 100% then this Christian Utopian Lifestyle of my imagination would become reality.

In my imagination the Christian Utopian Lifestyle exists like this: Everyone in Christian Utopia helps each other out when there is a need or want in the life’s of anyone in Christian Utopia. Things like money or financial matters are non existent in Christian Utopia.

In the world that we live in now, the real world, there are so many needs because people work to advance themselves and their own families and people don’t work to help each other out. There are poor people, middle class people and wealthy people. People want to own things and become wealthy so they can be better than their neighbors.

This wanting to outdo one’s neighbors is foreign to the people in the Christian Utopian Lifestyle that I imagine because people would not do anything in this wonderful Lifestyle or world, that would make them better or worse than anyone else.

The best thing about the Christian Utopian Lifestyle would be that nobody would ever have to worry if they have enough money to buy food or for the house payment or the payment for the health insurance or car payments.

Everything that is needed or wanted by anyone in this wonderful Utopian place would be supplied by the people who help each other out and nobody is more or less valuable in goods or finances than anyone else because financial matters are non existent in Christian Utopia.

There is no money in this wonderful Christian Utopia which makes this lifestyle the best there ever was. There also is no competition and nobody has to win anything to show they are better than others because everyone works together to have all needs and wants fulfilled.

No more need to play basketball games to win and now they are played just for fun. All other games also just exist to have fun and nobody every wants to be better and outdo others.

The most important thing to remember about the Christian Utopian Lifestyle is that it is centered around the Christian Bible and what Jesus Christ taught which is God’s Love. If the world could only be a Christian Utopia then everyone on Earth would be happy forever and there would be no sadness.